Allan Barry Reports (ABR) is made possible with the support of corporate sponsors and consulting clients. These partners, typically small mining and technology startups, gain access to an influential network of investors and decision makers to help grow their businesses.

ABR partners get exposure to tens of thousands of readers of the reports at AllanBarryReports.com, which is also where viewers come to watch our popular online interview shows with some of the best guests in the mining sector. During the shows, Allan delivers the sponsor messages, and in the written reports there is a sponsor message in the body of the report. Including sponsor messages in each post and show, is an unobtrusive way to keep sponsors in front of our audience.

A key to digital marketing are impressions, banners tend to get ignored, sponsor messages in the content is a much more effective strategy. It has worked out very well at AllanBarryReports.com for our sponsors and has been a great success at funding the work for the audience that follows the reports and shows.

Allan Barry Laboucan is the founder and owner of Allan Barry Reports. For over two decades, Mr. Laboucan has been a corporate development strategist to emerging companies. Mr. Laboucan is a tireless advocate for transparency and education among startup founders and investors and is known for countless Youtube, television, and conference speaking appearances.

ABR works with select partners each year and there are currently partnership opportunities remaining for 2019. To learn more and confirm availability, send a quick email to allanbarryreports@gmail.com or call 604-505-4753.