Walker River (WRR.V) Getting Ready to Drill at Their High-grade Gold Project in Nevada

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Walker River Resources (WRR.V)

I'm pumped up about a few things concerning Walker River and their upcoming drilling.

They were a pick in my reports first, and I always like picking winners. I am a shareholder, so obviously I would like the stock to take off. Finally, they are a member of my website sponsorship program, and it is always nice to have a sponsor have success.

Now that I got all those disclosures about why I'm biased out of the way. The most important part is why I think they will succeed.

Nevada is elephant country for gold, they have historical mining of high-grade gold on their project and it had never been tackled with modern exploration. This isn't a pie in the sky project, they have already drilled into the high-grade gold that also goes up to bonanze grade gold. Over significant intersections as well.

I did a post awhile ago when they became a member of my website sponsorship program. In it, I made the point about the structures you can see from Google Earth on the project. And where the historical mining and drilling has been done.

The bottom line is that it looks like they have a large gold system, with high-grade to bonanza grade that is wide open for drilling to make it bigger.

In the chart above, you can see that they have hung in pretty well over the last few months while a lot of juniors have been getting the Brooklyn beat down. Since they made the high after the discovery holes, the stock has been trending sideways.

Sideways was the new up there for awhile in gold stocks, big and small. Now that they are getting ready to crank up the drilling, plus, gold is gaining strength, we are coming into a nice setup for Walker River.

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