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Tariff Man Trump makes another of his brain-dead Tweets about fighting with China about trade, and stock traders think the market for gold and gold stocks should react immediately to the upside.

It is as if, they all think that the market is so efficient that it should price things in within hours. Minutes and seconds can be too long for traders these days. This kind of active trading is for stock trading junkies. Not people serious about making money investing in stocks.

The market is not that efficient, especially in gold stocks, the further down the food chain, the less efficient. Which creates some wonderful opportunities for those with a slight bit of patience.

Gold stocks are even less efficient after a pullback, like the one we have seen over the past month or so. As I wrote the other day, gold stocks are oversold and ready to rally.

I will start mentioning some names of stocks I think are well prepared to run on the next rally in gold.

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