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Equinox is a Ross Beaty company that I picked around 6 months ago, lately, they have stumbled, but, it looks temporary. What originally got my attention was when I watched a Ross Beaty interview.

In it, he mentioned that he sees a powerful gold bull market coming and he wants to build Equinox as big and fast as he can to be well positioned for it.

I couldn't agree more, the supply chain for gold is way to weak for it not to go much higher. Head grades are in decline, as are grades new discoveries. Projects with grades that wouldn't have been considered in the not to distant past are now all there is. Without a doubt, this weakness combined with the demand from China and India, will drive gold, silver and other commodities much higher.

In the EQX.V chart below, you will see from December through to late April, they had a strong move. I didn't pick them for short term moves, I think they will be a multi-billion dollar valuation in the near future. With them way under a billion valuation, they are cheap.

After the top, they rolled over like a lot of gold stocks. Lately, it looks like they have bottomed at the 200-day moving average which seems to be the line in the sand.

Another reason they are oversold is they are a little late on their newest mine. In a recent interview, Ross Beaty mentioned the startup was imminent. This delay has created a great buying opportunity.

As I mentioned earlier, I see Equinox growing into a much larger gold mining company. They offer great value for those that want exposure to gold stocks, but, want better performance than the majors will offer and less risk than exploration juniors.

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