A New Golden Stock Pick in Nevada

In the past few days, NV Gold (NVX.V) has been on a roll since they announced that they had hit the right kind of rocks in their drilling in Nevada. I hate chasing things and it has spiked aggressively, but today it gave us a chance to pick it on a bit of a pullback.

It isn’t just that they hit the right kind of rock with their drilling, it is the rocks that host the big mines near them. Plus it is Nevada, when it comes to gold discoveries by juniors success in Nevada has a way of catching a lot of investor imagination and greed.

Quinton Hennigh is involved, he is sort of the Golden Boy of junior gold exploration these days as he is running Novo (NVO.V), so there is the marquee player angle as well.

There are no assays yet, and that makes this a seriously risky play, but it is a trading candidate and a potential huge homerun if those assays come back looking good. A key reason I think it could be a big homerun is because they don't have a lot of stock out.

Usually these days when I’m looking at junior mining stocks, they have a ton of stock out which makes betting on them even harder because even if they hit something, the mountain of stock out subdues the action.The move in the stock so far tells us there is a strong market out there for a junior that hits with the truth machine, in Nevada, with not a lot of stock out.

On the downside, if they miss, they have plenty of other projects in Nevada and will get cashed up here right away. If the drilling turns out with something good, you will want to own a little as it will turn into an out of the park homer.

That’s all for now,

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