Wolfden Resources (TSX-V:WLF) Signs Up For Second Year Of Membership In Website Sponsorship Program

I’m pleased to announce that Wolfden Resources (TSX-V:WLF) is continuing, for the second year, to be part of my website sponsorship program. The work at Allan Barry Reports is made possible through website sponsorship and having great sponsors like Wolfden with exceptional prospects for growth is paramount to the success of the program.

In early 2016, gold broke out of a multiple year bear market and started a new gold bull market. This is important to pay attention to because where gold goes, so goes the market for mining exploration and development.

Since then, we have seen several high-quality and not so high-quality mining exploration companies get funded, but what they have had a harder time doing is delivering with the drilling results. The market is starving for impressive discoveries and Wolfden has delivered in the past with their drilling at the Rice Lake project in Manitoba, within around 10km from Snow Lake, Manitoba.

Last year started out very strongly for the company from the drilling on their high-grade nickel-copper-cobalt project, but then things went quiet in the second half. There was a reason that things got a little quiet, the drilling and geophysics were going right in the direction of the edge of their claim block onto ground held by a prospector.

In the late part of 2016, Wolfden did a deal to acquire the ground held by the prospector and are ready to start rolling on extending their drilling to the new ground. Over the winter, they have done additional geophysics from the ice and started drilling from the ice.

Since they initially made the discovery, geophysics have been instrumental in drilling the known zones and in finding additional new zones. I’ve looked at the new geophysics and it is showing a lot of potential on the new ground recently acquired.

Not only is the geophysics helping them to find additional zones, the various zones are all pointing toward a central feeder for all of them. This is one of the most exciting new discoveries that I’ve come across in the past couple years.

With the market starving for new discovery plays, I’m certain that Wolfden has the potential to deliver and create a lot of excitement.

The Business Part

Those that have followed my reports over the years know I’m all about being clear. For me to cover companies closely takes time and is costly to produce. Which is why I put together the website sponsorship program, now in its second year. With the sponsorships, I cover the costs of the added coverage and to produce my other reports for my readers and viewers at no cost.

At the beginning of last year, after a multiple year bear market for resource stocks, I had no sponsors for my website and I ended the year with an impressive roster of sponsors. Wolfden was the first company to take me up on the offer to join my website sponsorship program and I’m glad they have chosen to stay on board for another year.

I’m really pleased that Wolfden has decided to keep going as a member of the program, they are the ideal kind of company I want to be part of the program. They have a strong management team, a strong audience that supports them with financing when needed and they are very talented when it comes to presenting their work to an audience of technical people and investors. Most importantly, they know what they are doing when it comes to drilling.

They are so good at presenting their story to the audience following them, that I have my first book coming out this week and I used some of their maps as images for my book. They are an example to all junior exploration companies of the way to go about presenting the work so that geologists and investor can understand what they are doing with results from drilling and geological work.

I’m delighted that Wolfden Resources has given me the chance to showcase them in my website sponsorship program for a second year. The website sponsorship program is $12,000.00 per year; I receive payment at the beginning of the program. I currently hold shares in the company and will be using some of the proceeds from the sponsorship to take a larger position in the stock.

I’m not the only commentator that has website sponsors. What makes mine different, is that website sponsors don’t get to review or edit my written or video reports, they see the reports when everybody else does.

This way, you will know that it is my opinion of what is happening, I read their news and present my views when there is significant news out. I think this takes confidence from the sponsor company in my reporting and their projects.

I would like to thank the management of Wolfden Resources for being part of my website sponsorship program for the second year. Sponsors and consulting clients make my work possible. On behalf of my audience, thank you.

Whether I’m looking at a company to invest in, choose as one of my stock picks or a company I invite to be a website sponsor, they all must pass through the same filter. Wolfden was one of my stock picks prior to becoming a website sponsor and passed the test on all counts for a junior exploration company.

In Closing

Wolfden is well positioned to make a lot of drilling news this year, they have all the new ground they wanted that ties onto their original ground.

With the geophysics working so well to guide them to success with the drilling, I’m expecting more of that from their upcoming drilling in 2017.

The drilling has me convinced Wolfden is onto something special at their Rice Island project, and I think it is exceptional timing for my audience to do your homework on them and closely follow their developments. I’m expecting big things from the drilling Wolfden is doing now and for the news flow from drilling for the rest of 2017.

All the best,

Allan Barry Laboucan


Allan Barry Reports


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P.S. my reports are for information purposes only, before making any investment decisions it is important to do your homework and speak with your financial advisers.

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