Alset Energy (ION.V) Adds New Chairman of the Board

I’m proud to report that Alset Energy has appointed Gennen McDowall as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors. He comes with a career of experience spanning a few decades which included a senior position with Anglo American Corp. prior to his working with several junior mining companies.

As a mentor of mine, I’ve been able to watch Gennen up close as he taught me about geophysics, but his mentoring went beyond that, he is also someone I look up to him for his public speaking and marketing skills as well as an example of how to be a director of a public company.

I first met and worked with Gennen around 15 years ago, we hit it off right from the start, he had a lot of knowledge to share and I had a strong desire to learn. Initially, it was his experience with Anglo American that impressed me, but as I learned more working with him, it was his knowledge that got him there that was most impressive.

In addition to his talents in geophysics, he also has a broad network of people in executive positions at major and junior mining companies and in the financial sector as well. I’ve seen first hand how that network benefitted a diamond exploration company we worked for when he secured an offer from a major for them to cover several millions worth of lab testing work for nothing more than a promise to talk further if the results came back good.

I could go on and on about Gennen because he has been such an important mentor to me and opened tremendous doors for me in the mining industry. I’m seeing the benefit of him joining the Alset team as his guidance has already pointed to initiatives I can work on.

The position of Chairman is very important to me as President and CEO. It gives me the confidence that I have a partner/mentor that is there to open doors and give me guidance, the way Gennen and I work together I’m certain we will do a top-notch job for shareholders of Alset Energy.

It took me a little convincing to get Gennen to join our team as he is retired and owns a home in northern British Columbia that is off the grid. He is already benefitting from using solar energy, backed up with batteries to live and although on a remote island, enjoys all the comforts of living in a modern home. Tesla is making it possible for more people to drive a car that doesn’t need to visit a gas station for fuel or be serviced as often and now with their solar roof tiles and power packs of batteries will make it possible for more to get off the grid. It will create an opportunity for people in the developing world to start enjoying electricity sooner by jumping over old technology and moving to modern methods much like the jump over phone land lines right into cellular phones.

Lithium has a tremendous opportunity, some on Wall Street call it white oil and talk about the lithium players of today being much like the oil barons of the past. Gennen and others are early adopters, but as anybody can see as they look around and see more electrical vehicles on the roads by the day, we are in the early days of how we get around and power our homes. My next vehicle will be electric and I’m looking at ways to get off the grid and have a feeling a lot more folks will be joining that bandwagon.

I’m a very fortunate person, I’ve had great mentors throughout my career and now I get to work with one of them closely again. I’m confident that he will play a crucial role with Alset Energy, he has told me he is always just a phone call away any time I need him. Help me welcome Gennen McDowall to the Alset Energy team.

All the best,

Allan Barry Laboucan


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P.S. my reports are for information purposes only, before making any investment decisions it is important to do your homework and speak with your financial advisers.

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