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Whenever I go into an area of interest I always want to pick the best ones in that region. The Golden Triangle of British Columbia is heating up in the gold mining business. I’m already in there in a big way as I picked Pretium Resources early this year as one of my top gold picks. It has been a triple and they are still early in their growth days as they are getting close to starting production on their Brucejack high-grade gold mine.

I’m pleased to announce that I’m getting into the Golden Triangle again, this time with a gold exploration company that is joining my website sponsorship program. Tudor Gold (TUD.V) has an impressive portfolio of properties with really smart guys running the company, I’m pleased I can jump on board at this point as their best growth days are ahead of them.

In Pretium Resources, I believe I have one of the best gold development plays in the gold industry. Now I can add that I believe I have one of the best gold exploration companies in the Golden Triangle as a member of my website sponsorship program, in Tudor Gold.

One of my best picks during the 2001-2011 gold bull market was Osisko Mining, I picked them early in their exploration success, continued to pick them through their various stages through to them becoming a gold mining company.

Walter Storm, was one of the founders of Osisko and saw them through all their growth from inception to being taken over in 2014. Then in 2015 he started the steps to put together a strong portfolio of projects in the Golden Triangle and get them into a public company.

The timing has been ideal, in 2015 we were still in a brutal bear market for gold and gold stocks. It enabled them to put together a portfolio of projects while gold was in the dumps. With a new gold bull run underway, there are a lot of new investors coming into gold stocks with a small menu of quality to choose from.

It takes more than good timing in the mining business, a company has to have people with good eyes to spot top quality projects.

Tudor Gold’s key property is the Treaty Creek project which borders Seabridge Gold’s KSM property and borders Pretium Resources’ Valley of the Kings project to the southeast. They are right in the heart of the most important part of the Golden Triangle.

On Aug. 15, 2016, they announced that drilling is underway and that prior to drilling they completed a geophysical survey that is helping them select drill targets. This geophysical work and historical work puts them in a good position for success with the drilling.

With the people involved, their ability to raise what funds they need at every step along the way from exploration through to mining. Plus, the location near large gold deposits has them well positioned to gain a much larger audience of investors as they reach milestones.

It is surprising that they don’t have more trading activity in the stock. That has a lot to do with it being held tightly by management and key shareholders. For those looking to be patient getting in, like the big picture and want to give them the time to execute, this is one to do your homework on.

With all the work they are doing, where, and the people involved, things can change quickly for Tudor Gold when it comes to attracting a bigger audience of junior mining stock investors.

The Business Part

My reports are made possible through website sponsorships and consulting work. I’ve been changing my reporting lately, I used to cover many companies at a time. In the new gold bull market that started in January 2016, I expect fewer companies will participate than during the last gold bull market. In this kind of a scenario, investors will need to be solid stock pickers, and understand the stocks they own.

In addition to covering fewer companies, the ones I cover, I will be covering them more extensively. In order for me to cover companies more extensively takes more time and is costlier to produce. This is why I put together the website sponsorship program in January 2016.

With the sponsorships, I cover the costs of the added coverage for them and to produce other reports for my readers and viewers at no cost.

As more companies learn what the program delivers in coverage and reach, more will come as they learn how I use digital tools to promote my work and highlight my sponsors in the reports.

I’m pleased that Tudor Gold has given me the chance to showcase them and my website sponsorship program. The website sponsorship program is $12,000.00 per year; I receive payment at the beginning of the program and will be using some of the proceeds to take a position in the stock.

I’m not the only commentator that has website sponsors. What makes mine different, is that website sponsors don’t get to review or edit my written or video reports, they see the reports when everybody else does.

This way, you will know that it is my opinion of what is happening, I read their news and present my views when there is significant news out. I think this takes confidence from the sponsor company in my reporting and their projects.

I would like to thank the management of Tudor Gold for joining my website sponsorship program. Sponsors and consulting clients make my work possible. On behalf of my audience, thank you.

In Closing

The Treaty Creek project is their base camp, it is where they are setting up their efforts in the Golden Triangle. But it is important to remember that this is one of a group of highly prospective projects.

I know a few of their projects very well because a couple years ago my partners and I were looking at doing a deal to get involved with that ground. One of our team was a geologist with a ton of experience in the area. We went over the projects with a fine tooth comb and loved them but couldn’t close the deal.

I’m an exploration guy, and when I looked at the projects I wanted to see them advanced because they have compelling geological stories. I’m also a BC guy, so it will be great to watch from a front row seat while these projects get explored by an awesome team.

They are right in the midst of the exploration season up in the Golden Triangle and are cranking hard on the work. This will generate a lot of news in the coming months. In a time when I see gold performing strongly as well.

Considering the quality of their various projects and the people involved, I’m optimistic soon they will attract a larger and more active audience of investors. I know for sure this is the kind of company that my audience will enjoy learning about. Especially those that followed Osisko in my reports over the years.

Next up, I will be watching for when they get done in the field and start putting out news from the work. I will also be arranging a show with management to go over the work they are doing this summer and the big picture plans of the company.

Stay tuned, this company is at the start of its life cycle and will have a strong flow of news from an enviable portfolio of gold exploration projects in one of the best gold camps in the world.

All the best,

Allan Barry Laboucan

P.S. my reports are for information purposes only, before making any investment decisions it is important to do your homework and speak with your financial advisers.

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