Radar Screen Pick – International Wastewater Systems Helps Save Money from Going Down the Drain

I’m always on the hunt for good stocks to add to my Radar Screen Picks list, my goal is to find ground floor opportunities or at a minimum under-appreciated stocks. These days, I’m finding a lot of mispriced junior mining stocks, the new pick today is not in mining at all, they are in the business of taking wastewater from buildings, putting it through their system that produces energy which helps building owner’s eliminate the need to use natural gas which is a massive saving. During the winter for heating and in the summer for cooling.

In addition to a fairly quick payback of the cost of the system, depending on the size of the system, which is usually in the 2-4-year range. It will also keep them up to code on new building standards coming into law worldwide regarding carbon emissions for buildings. Not only is it the right thing to do economically, it is also the right thing to do for the environment. Without their system, that money is literally flowing down the drain.

My new addition to the Radar Screen Picks is a company that has an answer for how to use wastewater that currently just flows away, for a source of energy. I’ve seen these kinds of technical theories for systems for industrial applications in the past, many times, but rarely do they have something built and in operation. This company has a tiny market valuation with plenty of blue sky potential for the stock and to help make the air cleaner.

Radar Screen Picks are purely for investors looking for cheap stocks they can get in on the ground floor, well before the elevator starts to make the move to higher floors. These are dirt cheap picks that are under-loved and ready for a change. They just need someone like me to come along and help them find a new audience of sharp and patient investors.

This one is the opposite of throwing money down the drain

International Wastewater Systems (CSE: IWS)

We often hear a lot in the investing world about renewable energy and other opportunities in green solutions companies. The problem is these opportunities are long on potential and unfortunately short on actually producing a product that meets a need and delivers an economical solution to boot.

Part of the reason that investors are interested in this arena is because they see there are remarkable changes coming. Those that will create new solutions to use energy more efficiently. These solutions have the potential of being huge money makers that create new industrial leaders of the future that see their stocks make investors multiples of their money.

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to sit in on a talk that was being given by an executive from a major uranium mining company. The talk was about future energy demands and solutions. Of course, my initial reaction was okay he is going to be mainly promoting nuclear.

I believe nuclear is an important part of the mix, to meet future energy demand as billions of people in emerging economies see their first chance to turn their lights on. What surprised me was after he put things into that context of where we are currently and what would happen when the rest of the world powered up and electrified their part of the world.

The basic argument that he made was not only would we need nuclear, we had to use all of our current sources of energy more efficiently, we would need to develop new energy sources like solar, wind, tidal power and many more sources. He said we would need to do everything better in every source of energy to meet the exponential demand growth of the future.

It would take me too long to explain their technology for this report, instead, I will point you to their website to learn more about their unique system to turn wastewater into money.

I’m in Vancouver, and some of their installed systems are in the Vancouver area, so I plan on getting out to have a visit. When I do, I will put together another post and possibly a video if I can arrange it so that we can see more about their technology.

International Wastewater Systems has a market valuation of less that $20 million CAD. Yet they have a unique money saving device that buildings throughout the world can use to save money, and stay in compliance with new building laws coming into place worldwide. It’s pretty reasonable to argue we should be looking for a $100 million valuation and higher, which looks well within striking distance for International Wastewater Systems in the near term.

All the best,

Allan Barry Laboucan

P.S. my reports are for information purposes only, before making any investment decisions it is important to do your homework and speak with your financial advisers.

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