Gold is Good Again

Gold has started 2016 with an impressive trend reversal after a multiple-year bear market that ended in December 2015, then had the best January Effect signals of all the assets I follow. My commentary has been on the money catching these trends in real time. I’ve also put together a bunch of great interviews with top industry commentators, launched a new website sponsorship program, gained two sponsors, and happily the reach of my work is growing. It has been a great start to the year, I have some updates and views of where we are headed to present in this post.

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Website traffic, posts, videos and email stats are telling me that I have an engaged audience and you like my written posts and video shows. I started my reports as an email newsletter in 2005, and sometimes I forget that plenty of my audience enjoys my written reports as well as my videos, so I’ve made a concentrated effort to mix things up between written reports and video shows this year.

One of the big changes I made was a switch from a website made by a designer from scratch and one built as a blog, around six months ago. Tommy Humphreys (a friend, guest on shows and founder of CEO.CA) helped me with the switch and it has been a great move. It put me into a different frame of mind, in the past I always thought it was important to promote my entire site, as a blog, I think more about promoting individual posts. I focus on making sure each post is one I can promote that gets traffic to each report and by putting out strong content entices visitors to check out more of the website for other posts.

A big push I’ve made this year is to bring on guests that are experts in the industry. I learn a bunch from the guests as they bring plenty of knowledge from years of experience and a compelling group of stock picks. I hope viewers enjoy them as much as I enjoy doing them.

John Kaiser has come on a couple of times, we talked about a great group of stocks and investing themes. I’ve known John since the 1990s, back then as an investor relations person calling to talk to him about the companies I was working with, and since 2005 when I launched my own report as a peer. He covers plenty of companies and does extensive homework on the companies he recommends in his reports and talks about in his public speaking engagements.

I have recommended his reports to my viewers on the show because I think highly of his work and feel a yearly subscription will help investors save plenty of time because he does the legwork for his readers. Recently, John gave me media access to his website, I’ve been looking around from a subscriber perspective over the past few days. I found a tool he has put together for his subscribers worth the price of a yearly subscription on its own. He has a search tool and people tree that makes filtering for stocks, on a wide range of criteria, and then get a list of companies that meet the criteria. I’ve been wishing I could find a tool like this for years, subscribers to Kaiser Research Online get this, many other tools and John’s reports all for a reasonable price, he even has an introductory offer to try it for a few months.

Another recent guest, Resource Maven editor, Gwen Preston came on the show, prior to the show I hadn’t had a chance to speak much with Gwen, but had followed her work. When I interviewed her on the show, I was really impressed with a few things. We talked about how she puts her recommendations, and her strategies focused on timelines, into timeframe buckets. I think that is a crucial way for investors to think in order to avoid making a mistake that many investors make. I don’t want to go into too much detail, you can watch the show here, but the big takeaway for me was that you don’t want to put a stock that will take the long term to develop into your short term thinking or you are likely to make big trading mistakes.

Gwen’s level of research is evident when you listen to her discuss her strategies and her picks.

Before starting her Resource Maven newsletter, she worked as a reporter at Northern Miner. I believe her strategies are crucial for investors in the sector to be successful at it. Plus, the quality of her picks and research she does on them makes it a must for investors in the mining space. To find out about her work and subscription info visit her website.

Mickey Fulp, another recent guest, is the editor of the Mercenary Geologist newsletter, he is a market commentator with no fear when it comes to speaking his mind. A few weeks ago, the TMX Group, which runs the Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture, had a town hall meeting to discuss issues between regulators, listed companies, and investors. Early in the town hall meeting, one of the TMX Group speakers mentioned he heard that this would be the toughest crowd they would face in their various town halls, and he also wondered which side of the room would be the loudest.

Mickey and I were just a few seats away from each other, and we were on the speakers from the start. It didn’t take long for the TMX Group folks to figure out which side of the room was the loudest voices. We talked about those issues from the town hall and plenty more in our recent interview. Mickey brought a slew of good charts that help clarify some big trends in the mining industry, if you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to watch. Mickey doesn’t charge for his reports, becoming a subscriber is a no-brainer.

Tommy Humphreys was on a recent show because I asked him to come on the show to talk about the market, stocks and a tool he has built that I think is a must for publicly traded mining company executives and investors in the resource space. The tool is an investor chat site, that is part of his website CEO.CA, and it recently went through a facelift. They have a new design that makes the chat the central focus like it always has been, but now to the left side of the page are articles and on the right other tools to check out. I mentioned on our recent show, and in the chat itself, that I’ve been checking out stock chat sites since the mid-1990s and this is by far the best one I’ve ever been on.

In reality, Tommy and his team, have built a tool that is my second home, I’m there all the time. I love talking about stocks and the markets and there is an awesome group of mining company professionals, market commentators, and investors. It is a vibrant collection of people. One of my favourite parts is when a company puts out news, the news release is unpacked by really sharp people, in real time. I think we are heading into a stronger market, as more investors come, this real time stuff will be crucial. I highly recommend you check out their website for its great content and the chat site. I’m @Allan if you want to chat with me directly.

Last, but certainly not least, Eric Coffin from Hard Rock Advisory was on a show this year as well, he brought some eye-opening charts to the interview. Eric has been a well-respected analyst of the junior and global economy for a long time. After our interview, I mentioned when promoting the show, that Eric basically walked us from Wall Street to Howe Street and gave us great insights into how the global economy stuff will impact the commodity and mining space.

Eric Coffin is another guest who I believe strongly in his work and feel a subscription is well worth the cost as he over delivers on value. He even has an introductory offer that gives you access for a few months, it is less than 10 bucks and a cheap way to see what you get, I’m confident you will be impressed.

I really enjoy these interviews because I always learn something that is very helpful. Next up, on Wednesday, Feb. 24, I will have a special guest in the series of interviews.

Gianni Kovacevic, author of My Electrician Drives a Porsche? will be on Wednesday, live at 1:00 pm pst, to discuss his book and plenty more. He is a modern energy thinker, investor, and author, it will be a great opportunity for us to learn more about Gianni’s work. I’ve set up a page on the website where you will find the live interview broadcast, as well as where you can go to watch the recorded version.

As I mention in my website sponsor message, my work is made possible through website sponsors and consulting work. I’m really proud of the new website program that I launched earlier this year and my two sponsors. When I launched this program I was focused on finding high-quality companies that I can stick with over the long term, that meet my criteria of a company to feature in my reports, and I designed a program that I would present them in the body of all my work that wasn’t obtrusive for viewers and readers.

I’m working on bringing on more website sponsors, I think that in the next bull market for gold, investors will need to be selective and follow the companies they are considering or own shares in closely. That is partially why I designed the new website sponsorship program. I want to find companies that meet my criteria as a company that I would cover in my reports and that will commit to my yearly program. I look for a certain kind of company and have a method of rolling their story out to my audience that I can do effectively for sponsors over a year sponsorship program.

One of the other big projects I’m working on is getting a studio together in Vancouver, it will be easier to get guests in studio. I should have it together soon, stay tuned.

Thank you to my sponsors, my guests and most importantly the audience that watches and reads my reports.


Allan Barry Laboucan

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