New Website Sponsorship Program at Allan Barry Reports

I’m really excited to announce a new website sponsorship program that will help high-quality companies get their story in front of the folks that follow my work. Over the years, I’ve built an engaged audience of adventure capital type of investors, analysts, money managers and other industry people. I’m stoked to be able to bring investors and high-quality stocks together for my audience with the new website sponsorship program.

I wanted to put together a post to explain a little about what I’m looking for in companies I’m inviting, and what the viewers and readers can expect.

A perfect example of the kind of companies that I will invite as a website sponsor are those picked in my recent Outlook 2016 show, I will be inviting all the companies on that show to be sponsors, I’m in the process of contacting all of them and giving them the opportunity to become website sponsors. Other examples of companies are those I’ve interviewed on my past shows, you can find those on the main page of the website, all of those companies will be invited as well.

It will be an invite-only situation to become a sponsor. Companies that I consider are those on my own list that I monitor, and I will also consider referrals.

I’ve put together a schedule of how I will roll out things for my website sponsors. The first thing will be a post on my website of why I invited the company, I will discuss the merits of their projects and what I see ahead for the company. I will follow that up with an interview show with the top management. After that, I will update with blog posts or interviews to keep my audience updated on developments. I will be inviting companies that I anticipate will have strong news flow so the updates will be on a regular basis.

One thing that I’ve jumped all over during the years I’ve been publishing the Allan Barry Reports is digital marketing. I originally started my reports as an email report. I then added a website, plus have used social media and video extensively. The key ways to move the needle on digital marketing are email, compelling posts, and video. This is why I include sponsors links in all my reports. In written posts and video shows, I post sponsor messages in the beginning of posts and in video shows.

Being an independent reporter is a challenging business, covering resource stocks over the past few years has notched up the challenge. I’ve always been able to offer my reports at no charge, so I’m dependent on sponsors or consulting gigs to fund my work. I’ve been at this a long time and have put together some rules I follow that makes being a reporter and reporting on my sponsors something I can achieve.

Disclosure is one, I always mention when I’m talking about a company if they are a sponsor. Follow the same method for picking stocks as selecting those to invite to be sponsors. If they don’t pass the test, they don’t get an invite. No editing privileges, sponsors don’t get to edit anything and don’t get to see my reports prior to my subscribers. They get to see it when everybody else does. Cover companies the exact same way whether they are a sponsor, a company I’ve invested in or one that I’ve picked in my reports.

I was speaking with my friend Tommy Humphreys recently, he runs and is really sharp when it comes to digital marketing and the resource space. I told him what I was planning to offer for my new website sponsorship program, and I asked him what he thought, Tommy said, “companies would be crazy not to do it.” He is a great guy and has also built an app at that I consider the best tool for investors in the resource space and adventure capital. I spend a ton of time on the chat, it is a good place to find me most days.

The cost for one-year website sponsorship is $12,000.00, which is another reason that I think Tommy feels it is a good proposition. I feel it is reasonably priced relative to what I deliver and the cost of doing the work, and will do my utmost to over deliver on added value.

I always tell companies that I have a niche audience and I can’t move your stock. What I can do, is bring their story to an engaged audience of serious investors. If the company delivers, then I’m certain, my audience is one that companies want to be in front of on a regular basis.

All the best,

Allan Barry Laboucan

PS, if you would like to know more about becoming a website sponsor give me a call at 604-505-4753 or drop me an email at

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