Doubleview Capital Battles with First Nations

Junior mining exploration company Doubleview Capital, is currently in a legal dispute with Chad Norman Day, President, Tahltan Central Government. As usual, in these type of affairs, First Nations don’t get a very good chance to tell their side of the story. Instead, their concerns are diminished by the media.

After a couple decades of dealing with these issues as a mining entrepreneur who is also First Nations, I’m beyond tired of it. Over the years, I’ve had to read headlines by Stockwatch, that used inflammatory headlines with derogatory stereotypes about First Nations when issues would arise between First Nations and mining companies. This is also known as race-baiting linkbait, and what it ends up doing is bringing out anonymous racist internet trolls to start acting like fools.

Companies with management like at Doubleview, think it is a good plan to take First Nations protesters to court, instead of explaining anything about consultation efforts they had made, or efforts to determine if there are First Nations burial grounds on their property.

These are important issues for First Nations jobs and mining jobs, I put together my thoughts on the issues in this video.

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