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It’s been a few months since our last update, I had to take an unexpected hiatus for personal and professional reasons. Some matters came up in my personal and professional life that needed my attention over the past few months. Not too worry, I’m fine. Although I haven’t been putting out reports, I’ve certainly been following the markets and finding some exciting opportunities.

To help showcase my work, we have done a major overhaul of the website at Allan Barry Reports. In addition to making the design easier for visitors to navigate, I also wanted to make it mobile friendly and easier to share the website and reports with visitor’s friends that follow the market.

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In the past, I wrote a lot of lengthy reports with several stock picks and key strategies. In the new website, it is set up as a blog, so you will see more reports but smaller and more focused.

Another change you will see in future reports is I will also discuss what I’m doing with my own money in trades and longer term plays. In the past, I never discussed what I’m doing with my own money, I just noted if I was a shareholder or a consultant to a company when I reported on them. But lately, I’ve wanted to allow folks to look inside what I’m doing to get a clearer picture.

I’m going to be talking about the companies I’m working with, and why I joined their teams. I will also discuss companies I would like to work with, I’ve always found asking myself if I would like to work with a company is a great screen for picking stocks.

A key reason these changes to the website came about is due to my friend Tommy Humphries, founder of CEO.CA and his efforts to reach out to help me.

While on hiatus from my own reports, I had been spending a lot of time on has become a key tool I use to help with my research and reporting. In addition to finding the stream from the chat on my website, you can find my comments, Allan@ABR is the handle I use.

I encourage subscribers to check out the chat site, there are industry experts and astute investors in there daily, talking about investment ideas. If you are searching to find top quality live commentary on the junior mining space, is a great place to find it.

Thank you, Tommy, you helped me get back on the horse when life kind of bucked me off recently.

I’m seeing some great trends for investors to beat the market, stay tuned, visit the new site and let us know what you think.

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Best Wishes,

Allan Barry Laboucan Founder, Editor, Host Allan Barry Reports Chief Market Commentator Special Advisor Dunnedin Ventures Inc. Special Advisor Great Bear Resources Ltd.

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