There is No Way Facebook had 1 Billion Users Sign In Yesterday

Yesterday, Facebook (FB.N) had news out that would make most scam stock promoters blush. With much fanfare, they announced that they have had a day with over one billion ‘people’ signed in. For lack of a better term, I call bullshit.

Where does this number come from, and has there been any kind of auditing of this billion sign-ins in a day? The answer is no. Not only that, they know it is misleading and will likely affect the stock price and they are hoping to the upside. The stock has an extreme valuation already if I was looking at playing the stock it would be to try to find a good spot to short it.

Several articles about the bot issue on Facebook, as it relates to advertising on the site, have been out over the past few years. A lot of the hits that advertisers are paying for come from bot farms that run the numbers up. It is long past time for Facebook and other social media sites get serious with their reporting of user numbers. Especially when the social media company is publicly traded and folks are making investment decisions based on these fraudulent statistics.

If these numbers were even remotely close to realistic, they would give out details of how they measure, what they do to make sure that the numbers are accurate, who is monitoring the data, and who audits it in order to make sure it is accurate.

Sure Facebook has enormous traffic, but over one billion individual people signing in has to include a tremendous amount of bots and is really hard to believe. I don’t. I would like to be able to take a much closer look at the numbers and think the regulatory bodies should require them to put more information out including having their audited user numbers.

All the best,

Allan Barry Laboucan

My comments are for information purposes only, it is important to do your own homework and speak with your financial advisors before making any investment decisions.

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