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In the past 100 years, America has been the primary leader of the global economy. In the coming years, China will grow into the largest economy in the world and other emerging economies, like India, will also grow to be very large economies.

Commodities and resource stocks are very good leveraged options for investors to invest in the growth of emerging economies. But they can be very volatile, and it requires diligent homework and a good eye for quality. Over the years, I’ve made several junior resource stock picks with a high percentage having graduated from an explorer to a producer status or been taken over by larger companies.

Since we launched the Allan Barry Reports, in 2005, I’ve been humbled to be called on for my opinion on market trends, by national business television, large investor conferences and online shows. On this anniversary, we decided to make a major overhaul of the website.

The goal being to make it much easier for investors to find our website, and easier for visitors to find our work on the website. We also wanted to make things easier for visitors to share our work with their friends that are active in the market.

Markets are risk-filled and volatile, which creates the opportunity for investors to make extraordinary gains, you can come to Allan Barry Reports for a rational outlook based on blending fundamental and technical indicators. From an expert that has proved his skills at picking winners consistently over time.

Without our readers and viewers, there wouldn’t be any sense in producing our reports, I appreciate all of you for giving me an audience. I really can’t properly thank readers and viewers or those that help me produce these reports, the best I can do is send my thanks.

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